The retail banking and consumer financing business has continuously made headlines in worldwide topics. It is because there are more of them that are responding to their client’s needs. This is through their demonstration of their integrity in doing business, adding value to their commitments, fairness in their deals and unparalleled service to their customers and shareholders. This includes governments, employees and regulators all at the same time. Retail banks understood the demands of their clients in all of the above aspects. Likewise together with consumers finance firms they deliver substantial transformation platforms with more focus on their customer’s needs.

The current work initiated by this business includes an improved multichannel strategies geared towards building and enhancing customer experiences while removing inefficiencies through efforts in containing overall costs.

Furthermore, they help clients’ battle financial crime and at the same time accomplishing ways to ease the growing regulatory burdens of clients. Including in this effort are enhancing risk management and demonstrating better transparency, liquidity and fairness in every deals they make.

Here are some recent client successes to include in areas such as:

Marketing, distribution and strategizing

  • In alignment with the client’s business expansions are the delivery of front-end Customer Relations Management and Finance/HR synergies. This can improve the retention of clients and make the client appreciate the experience. Some of the common CRM efforts are:
  • Query and Reporting Requests:
  1. These are involving instant retrieval and display of all customers that have existing loans or have a credit line but is does not have his own checking account.
  2. Uncovering the list of all clients with a checking account, but has no direct deposit.
  3. Identifying clients that have the tendency to leave the bank. The action of the CRM is to prevent this from happening.
    • For the retail units which are the branches of the business, call centers and even internet; they are building highly performing sales organizations. Likewise they have included the development of strategy for international growth through acquisitions and having subsidiaries
    • They offer improvement in the performances of these specific branch as well as profitability and competitiveness in their area of business
    • Formulated concepts for the new branches
    • For leasing finance; they have reformulated routes while developing business plans
  • Operating Areas
    • Building goal operating models
    • In the domain of the consumers credit company; the restructuring of the sales operations, marketing operations and promoting financial processes
    • Aided in the creation a committed retail bank to benefit the six banks of the public-sector
  • Regulatory and Risks Management
    • Improvement in the banks’ cost-effectiveness with efficiency towards functions in complaints-handling, company which are investing and universal insurance firms
    • Reviewing and redesigning strategies on financial crime-prevention, AML and the processes involved in sanctions

The overall reason in the success of retail banking and customer financing; boils down to the fact that they were able to meet the needs of the clients in all areas. Useful tools were readily available for their CRM and the many strategies and techniques they have diversely implemented to get the loyalty of their customers. This is a business trait that should be looked up by others to succeed in their trade.