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Looking for ways to save energy can be intimidating. Far too often you’ll come across suggestions that sound great and promise significant energy savings, but they’re based on buying something that carries a hefty price tag. Energy is often one of the most expensive commodities we have to factor into our budgets, especially if you aren’t lucky enough to be able to shop for a provider on For some, being on a tight budget is the entire reason they’re aggressively going after energy savings. As opposed to those posts that suggest spending hundreds of dollars on new technologies, this is a list of 5 energy saving tips that won’t cost you a penny!

1. Stop unwanted energy waste

Did you know that many electronic devices use power even when they’re “turned off?” From televisions to cellphone chargers, many devices are constantly in stand-by mode, even after you press the power button. In order to keep your devices from using power after you’ve turned them off, in most instances you have to physically break the connection to your home’s circuit. Whether breaking the connection means unplugging your devices or just using a power strip, ensuring that your devices don’t use unneeded power will help you save money each month.

2. Program your thermostat

Do you have a programmable thermostat? If you do, it’s highly likely that you’ve never taken the time to actually program it to optimize your heating and cooling efficiency. Depending on the model, programming can be a daunting task, but it’s definitely one worth taking on. When you program your thermostat you can prevent the system from running when no one is home. In just a few minutes, programming your thermostat can save you lots of money on energy costs, simply by limiting when the biggest energy consumer in your home is turned on.

3. Only run the dishwasher when it’s full

If you have the bad habit of running the dishwasher at the end of every day, regardless of how many dirty dishes there are, making one simple change to your behavior makes it possible for you to save more energy than you’d expect. Running the dishwasher uses the same amount of energy regardless of how many dishes are being cleaned. The same thing goes for your washing machine. If you’re not washing full loads, you’re wasting money on energy. Next time you need to reuse a particular utensil that’s dirty, consciously think to wash it individually before starting the dishwasher when it only has one meal’s dishes in it.

4. Replace incandescent bulbs with more efficient models

I know, I know. I told you this post was all about ways to save energy without spending money, and while energy efficient bulbs can be expensive, there are also ways you might be able to get replacements for free! Many utility companies have recently instituted programs that distribute energy efficient bulbs to their customers free of charge. These sorts of efficiency projects are incentivized by the government, and if you’ve got lots of incandescent bulbs in your house, you should contact your utility company to see if they offer one of these programs to their customers.

5. Adjust your home’s temperature by just 1-2 degrees

Whether you’re talking about raising your home’s temperature in the summer or lowering it in the winter, just a degree or two can make a significant difference when it comes to your energy costs at the end of the month. Furthermore, just a degree here or there won’t make that much difference in your overall comfort. After all, you can always run a fan in the summertime or throw on an extra blanket in the winter.

If you take the time to embrace some of these energy saving tips, with any luck you’ll be able to save money on your energy costs, and when you’re on a tight budget, we all know that every dollar counts.

Over the years, people have chosen to decorate their bodies for various spiritual and cultural beliefs. The first decorations were used during special rituals, later on the decorations became a permanent fixture on ancient society. People would use special decorations to set themselves apart from others in their tribe. Men and women that had a special social status would be seen adorning more decorations than commoners.

For the last two centuries, people have progressively started wearing different decorations as a means to magnify their beauty. Accessories, as we call them today were used by our ancestors thousands of years ago, and are now being used by us with the same respects.

People that choose to decorate themselves will normally use decorations on their bodies, faces, and their extremities. In modern day times, people put accessories in areas that they want others to look. For example, people choose to wear necklaces, bracelets and rings, simply because they know that others will acknowledge them.

Beads are quickly becoming the material of choice to use these days. Ancient Egypt was one of the first groups of people that started incorporating beads into their society. Beads would be used to make pottery, accessories, and clothing. People that were seen adorning beads were normally looked at as wealthy individuals.

Beads began being used by common everyday people back in the second half of the eighteen century, leading into the nineteenth century. During this time, the industrial revolution was in swing, and factories started producing a mass amount of glass and other faux gem stones.

These items were extremely popular amongst middle class people all the way down to the lower working class individuals. Even though the beads were not made from high quality materials, their faux appearance made those who used them feel like royalty.

Today, there are thousands of different beads that you can choose to make your beaded projects from. Beads and decorations have been used by people for thousands of years as a means of verifying their status. In a way, mankind still uses beads with the same purpose in mind.

World Trade Center Lights at 9/11

by JulieFinestone

Exactly 10 years ago today, terror struck the heart of New York City. Today we remember the events of September 11, 2001 a Decade Later. It wasn’t just New York City that was attacked, The Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia was also attacked. And a third site was in Shanksville, Pennsylvania where another plane crashed before reaching its target, Washington, D.C.

I was 12 when it happened, I was in the 7th grade. I was on my way to English class when I heard some kids talk about the planes crashing into the World Trade Center. I didn’t pay too much attention to them because I assumed they were just spreading rumors around, you know how kids are. Then when I walked into class, my English teacher looked at all of us and told us what she heard happened. And again, I thought she was just kidding. I asked “how could a massive building like that just come down?” Then I asked, “how could a massive building like that come down twice?”

We finished the rest of the class as if nothing happened. When I got out to get to my next class, I saw parents by the main office. They have come to take their kids home. I walk into my math class and a few minutes in, an announcement by the principal comes in which states that school has been dismissed. Then I thought to myself, maybe something did happen.

Public transportation worked fine, so I took the bus home. I came home and looked out my 11th floor window in Queens and I had a clear view of the Twin Towers from my room, but they weren’t there. They were replaced by a huge pillar of smoke that covered a lot of the sky. I turned on the TV and there it was. The news was covering the attack on the Twin Towers earlier that morning. I looked out the window again and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I always enjoyed looking out my window and being able to see the Twin Towers as well as the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Tower almost side by side. And now, my view was cut in half.

My little sister was also dismissed early. My mom took the rest of the day off work and brought my sister home. Neither of them could believe their eyes either. There was so much death and destruction, it felt as if it was a movie. We received calls from our families all over the world asking if we were OK. I was fortunate enough not to have lost any family members, but I did know people who have lost family.

Almost 3,000 people died in the attacks. It was the worst event I have ever witnessed and it’s something that I will never forget.

World Trade Center Lights at Night at 9/11

by Francisco Diez

Ten years ago today, terrorists shook our nation. New York City took it the hardest when lower Manhattan was basically destroyed. We have been recovering over the past decade and today, Lower Manhattan is flourishing with new Hotels, Buildings, and new Businesses.

Today we look back at the horrific events of 9/11 and we remember everyone that has been lost. The two pictures in this post show you the lights at the World Trade Center site around the anniversary of the event. Even though I can no longer see the Twin Towers, I can still see their essence through the lights every year. And sometimes, I look out the window just wishing that everything was just a nightmare and the Towers were back where they originally were.

The events of 9/11 has made our nation stronger in every way. Ten years later, we feel safer than ever before through all the policies and laws that have been put in action. Although many of them may be inconvenient, they do their job for the most part and keep us protected. And Osama Bin Laden is dead which gives us another reason to feel safer. I think it would be much better if our troops were back home with us now, but it’s just my opinion.

I know there have been many videos and articles about conspiracy theories surrounding the 9/11 attacks. Conspiracy or not, the event still occurred and thousands of people died. We should remember the event and bond together to make the country stronger. This is also an event that we should never forget. We need future generations to know and understand what we have gone through so they can learn from our mistakes, whether it’s through national security measures or just by knowing that we can’t get anywhere with violence and destruction.

Today is September 11, 2011. Ten years ago tragedy struck our world. Today we honor all the innocents who have lost their lives by remembering them. Today we look at the faults of human beings and we learn that violence gets us nowhere. Today we remember 9/11, an event we will never forget.

Feel free to share your own thoughts of the event like where you were during the attacks and if you were personally affected by the event.


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