Welcome to Stocksicity! The name Stocksicity is a play on the word Toxicity. This site is owned and managed by Me, Nazmus. I own and manage many other web sites including EasyProgramming.net, Nazmus.com, and Gamers-Forum.com.

I have many interests and the Stock Market is one of them. I have been investing for only a few years and I am still eager to learn. I set up this website to provide information to you as well as personal comments while increasing my own knowledge about the stock market and how it functions. I hope to learn some more of the ins and outs of the stock market system and hopefully, I’ll get to teach some of Stocksicity’s visitors some of what I already know.

The idea of this blog is to provide personal comments as well as professional updates regarding the stock market, individual stocks, and anything else related to the business world. I am not claiming to be an expert on anything related to the stock market. I currently have investments in the Stock Market in several companies, however, I am not a professional and this blog should not be used to give and/or receive trading tips.

I am not a big investor, although I have investments in a few companies, I do not have financial interest in most of the companies I will mention or talk about.

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Stocksicity is still being developed, it will evolve as time passes, be sure to check back for updates to this page and the rest of the website! Thanks for visiting, hope to see you back!



Loves creating websites and helping others. Some websites include, EasyProgramming.net, Nazmus.com, and Gamers-Forum.com.

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