I’ve written about gold prices plenty of times here on Stocksicity. At one point, the price of gold was sky-high and it seemed like that the price would only get higher because of the amount of gold that everyone was purchasing. Everyone wanted to get in the gold bubble before it maxed out and popped. Over the past few years, gold prices have steadily increased and then slowly decreased. Right now is an almost perfect time to buy gold and other precious metals. The economy has been slowly bouncing back to what it was years before the collapse due to the banking industry going down the toilet. That resulted in gold prices to sky-rocket because like most other precious metals, gold increases in price in times of crisis. And for thousands of years, gold has been a favorite investment for almost everyone, from the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs to my co-worker who purchases gold bullion and gold bars with her tax refunds almost every year. I think that it is a great investment because gold prices have been increasing for thousands of years and they have a very bright future.

Many places allow you to buy gold easily. Places like Bullion Vault allow easy access to online resources which allow you to trade gold as if it was a stock. If you have gold lying around and need money, selling gold would be very lucrative because of its worth. And if you have money lying around and need a fairly steady investment, look into buying gold because no other investment can be as steady as gold. Gold is a natural element and will retain its value over time, unlike stocks which can plummet to the ground tomorrow. Gold will always be valuable. Even if it loses some value tomorrow, it will go back up the day after.

The gold bubble that started to expand a few years ago seems to have diminished. However, I believe that in the future, sooner than later, the gold bubble will expand again. Every time the bubble expands, it sets a new floor for the price of gold. Right now, gold prices are just under $1,400 at the time of this post, , years ago, it was half that and because of the way gold prices go up, it isn’t likely to hit $700, the floor will only go up. And with current technology, selling and buying gold has never been easier. If you don’t take advantage then you may end up losing a lot more profit than you think.