Over the years, people have chosen to decorate their bodies for various spiritual and cultural beliefs. The first decorations were used during special rituals, later on the decorations became a permanent fixture on ancient society. People would use special decorations to set themselves apart from others in their tribe. Men and women that had a special social status would be seen adorning more decorations than commoners.

For the last two centuries, people have progressively started wearing different decorations as a means to magnify their beauty. Accessories, as we call them today were used by our ancestors thousands of years ago, and are now being used by us with the same respects.

People that choose to decorate themselves will normally use decorations on their bodies, faces, and their extremities. In modern day times, people put accessories in areas that they want others to look. For example, people choose to wear necklaces, bracelets and rings, simply because they know that others will acknowledge them.

Beads are quickly becoming the material of choice to use these days. Ancient Egypt was one of the first groups of people that started incorporating beads into their society. Beads would be used to make pottery, accessories, and clothing. People that were seen adorning beads were normally looked at as wealthy individuals.

Beads began being used by common everyday people back in the second half of the eighteen century, leading into the nineteenth century. During this time, the industrial revolution was in swing, and factories started producing a mass amount of glass and other faux gem stones.

These items were extremely popular amongst middle class people all the way down to the lower working class individuals. Even though the beads were not made from high quality materials, their faux appearance made those who used them feel like royalty.

Today, there are thousands of different beads that you can choose to make your beaded projects from. Beads and decorations have been used by people for thousands of years as a means of verifying their status. In a way, mankind still uses beads with the same purpose in mind.